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A card that gives back

At Fana, we’ve always believed that giving back should be something you can feel good about every day. Inspired by those small donations at checkouts, we thought, "Why not make every purchase count?" So, we created a way to turn your daily spending into something meaningful. You’re not just buying a coffee or a bus ticket—you’re making a real difference with every swipe!

Our goal is simple: to weave a little bit of kindness into your daily life. We’re making it easy and fun to give back, while connecting you to some truly amazing charities. Together, we’re making the world better, one swipe at a time.

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Meet the dream team

Robin Yan Fana picture
Robin Yan
Co-founder & CEO
Robin loves to cook for people 🍲🍳
Daniel Ishigami Fana picture
Daniel Ishigami
Co-founder & CTO
Daniel trains BJJ at Roger Gracie's 🤼🥋
Ella Moody Fana picture
Ella Moody
Head of Social Media
Ella was once chased up a waterslide by cows 🏃🐄
Tianfeng Wang Fana picture
Tianfeng Wang
Lead Developer
Feng used to cycle 20km every day 🚴💨
Tevin Stuurland Fana picture
Tevin Stuurland
Product Developer
Tevin took part in Tekken tournaments 🎮🏆
Heather Christian Fana picture
Heather Christian
Charities & Comms
Heather grew up living with 10+ cats 🐈🐈
Joe Rock Fana picture
Joe Rock
Marketing & Design
Joe tried strawberries for the first time recently 🍓❓