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Papua New guinea
the best carbon-storing technology: rainforests
With our rainforests diminishing every day, action is needed. That's why Fana has teamed up with Cool Earth to protect these crucial ecosystems. Together, we're committed to preserving biodiversity and fighting climate change. (Pictured: Forest monitor Concilio using a GPS device)
Cool Earth forest monitor Concilio using a GPS device
Cool Earth champions the relationship between people, rainforest and climate, working with Indigenous peoples and local communities to protect the rainforest.
Cool Earth forest monitor Abelardo, holding GPS equipment
Supporting local communities
Indigenous communities have been the unsung heroes of rainforest preservation for centuries. By empowering these communities, we tap into centuries of knowledge and expertise, combating both deforestation and climate change effectively.

Pictured: Forest monitor Abelardo, holding GPS equipment used for geolocation of patrol points.
Cool Earth Sololo village
The rainforests are vital carbon sinks
Tropical rainforests are crucial for carbon capture and climate regulation - they represent the largest source of carbon capture globally. Rainforests impact weather, biodiversity, air quality, and provide resources for millions.

Protecting rainforests is cost-effective and essential for our planet's health. With two-thirds of the world's tree carbon stored in tropical rainforests, focusing efforts here is paramount in the fight against climate change.
Cool Earth rainforest labs training in Oviri
Solving the climate crisis
The climate crisis is no longer a distant threat—it's here. Over the past 200 years, burning fossil fuels has released carbon dioxide, heating our planet. This disrupts natural processes and threatens biodiversity. Deforestation is responsible for 8% of CO2 emissions, worsening the crisis.

Despite challenges, there's unprecedented global unity and action against climate change, promising hope for the future.

Pictured: Rainforest Labs training in Oviri
Our Charity Partner
Cool Earth
Rainforest protection
Cool Earth is a non-profit organization focused on rainforest conservation and supporting indigenous communities. They work to halt deforestation, preserve biodiversity, and mitigate climate change by partnering with local people to protect their land. Through empowering indigenous stewardship, Cool Earth ensures sustainable livelihoods while safeguarding vital ecosystems.
Cool Earth
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