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Clean water
Ethiopia, Madagascar, Sierra Leone
The Water Crisis is a Women's Issue
Access to clean water is a pressing issue globally, with millions of people lacking access to safe drinking water, but affects women disproportionately. Fana's teamed up with charity: water to provide access to clean water, changing the lives of women and girls around the world.
Locations of charity: water support in Africa
We'll be following the stories of three inspirational women in Africa that demonstrate the importance of charity: water’s work being supported by your Fana card.
Headshot of Tarik charity: water
More girls in school
Tarik Haftay is one of many young girls who spends hours each day walking to collect dirty water for her family. Being born female means life revolves around water collection. Everything else comes second.

This burden robs girls like Tarik time to learn, time to be a kid, time to rest, and time spent with family. With access to clean water one of the most immediate transformations is school attendance for young girls. Globally, female enrolment in school increases by 15% when a community gets clean water.
Honorine charity: water
Female entrepreneurship
Meet Honorine, from Madagascar. For most of her life, she woke up at 3 a.m. to begin her daily three hour trip for water collection. Like a lot of women, Honorine’s life revolved around getting water for her family. But when her community received clean water, everything changed.

With more time and access to clean water, Honorine was able to start her own business. She now has a successful restaurant that has become a social hub in the community—and the best place to get a fresh donut.
Mamie and family charity: water
Peace at home
When water access is limited, collecting it is only half the battle. Do they choose to cook, or wash their children’s clothes? Do they give their family drinking water, knowing it’s dirty, or does everyone get baths?

Mothers carry these stressors and manage a continuous juggling act around water day after day. Over time, household tensions build, and in some cases, even lead to domestic violence. But providing access to clean water can significantly alleviate tensions in households.
Our Charity Partner
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charity: water
Clean Water
Introducing charity: water. They're leading the charge, striving to provide clean and safe drinking water to communities worldwide. With a laser focus on addressing the global water crisis, charity: water's efforts are vital for ensuring that everyone has access to this basic human necessity. Their projects are impactful and far-reaching, tackling some of the most significant challenges in water accessibility and sanitation around the globe.
charity: water
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April 2024