About Fana

What is Fana?

Fana makes spreading a little goodness as easy as using your card. We've simplified it to one £5 monthly pledge that supports new charities every month and gets you access to the Fana card - a prepaid debit card that gives 1% of your spending to charity, paid for by Fana! So you can do a little good each month and help even more on top with your Fana card! Now every coffee, bus, or late night sweet treat helps give a little back.

Is Fana a bank?

No. We are not a bank, so we do not generate revenue from lending out users' funds or interchange fees. Unlike with banks, Fana never touches the money in your account. We don't offer credit services either, so there's no danger of over-spending of impacting your credit score; you can only spend what you put onto the card. We also do NOT sell your data - we believe privacy is important so we do not make money selling your information.

Why is there a monthly cost?

We ask our users to pledge £5 per month to help keep our charity fundraising consistent and reliable, as well as covering Fana's operating costs. Donations from the card's 1% can vary a lot each month, so the pledge is key for consistency!

Is Fana safe?

Absolutely. Fana's accounts and cards are issued by Paynetics UK, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring that your funds are securely managed in accordance with regulatory standards. This entails keeping your money separate from Paynetics' own funds, either through a safeguarding account or under the protection of an insurance policy or an equivalent guarantee.

Is there an app?

Yes! The new Fana app is available on both the app store and google play.

The Fana Card

What is a prepaid debit card?

The Fana card is a MasterCard® prepaid debit card. This means you can load money onto it and use it in stores, online, and at contactless terminals (including TfL), but you won’t have access to Direct Debit or peer-to-peer payments. But what makes the Fana card special is that every time you use it, Fana will add an extra 1% to give to charity on your behalf!

How do I signup for a Fana card?

Easy! Head over to our signup page. To apply for the card, you'll need to be over the age of 18 and a resident of the UK, so you'll need your passport and proof of address ready (such as a recent bank statement) . You'll need to wait for your physical card to arrive via post, but your digital card will be available as soon you successfully signup. If you do not have a UK or European passport, we'll email you asking for proof of residency in the UK (e.g. a visa or BRP).

How do I choose my card design?

Once you complete signup, you'll be able to select one of our three community-chosen designs for your card at launch. More designs will be released over time!

Can I make contactless payments with my Fana card?

Yes! Both Apple Pay & Google Pay are supported.

Can I withdraw money from an ATM?

We do not currently support ATM withdrawal.

I've lost my card! How do I freeze my account?

Please contact our financial security team by email and we will immediately freeze your account.

The Community Pool & Donations

How does The Community Pool work?

Proceeds from Fana members' pledges and donations from card spend are donated to a rotating pool of promising charity initiatives around the world, handpicked by Fana.

How are the causes chosen?

Fana targets shorter-term, smaller-scale projects that our community can significantly impact, if not completely fund, rather than large-scale projects where it'd be hard for us to make a meaningful contribution. Feel free to recommend new charities!

When do I hear back about charity projects I've supported?

We'll email you updates, but the timing depends heavily on the charity. We collaborate closely with our partner charities to try and ensure regular updates on the progress of projects you've supported.

What are 'Impact Points'?

Impact Points are exactly equivalent to British Pound Stirling (so 1 IP = £1) and can only be used for donations (they help simplify the donation process). Impact Points are also separate from your account wallet, so it's not involved when you spend or top up your card. You can receive them by funding your account or through affiliate shopping with Fana.

How do I fund my account for a donation?

Head to the 'Wallet' section and you can fund your account with a payment from another card.

Shopping with Fana

How do I shop with Fana

Head to the 'Brands' section on our website. Choose the brand you want and make your purchase in the browser that opens, making sure to accept cookies so they know you came from us, and you'll receive credit for the purchase.

How do I access the donation funds I earned shopping?

Just visit the 'Wallet' section on the Fana site, and you'll find your earned donation funds in your account. Typically, it takes one working day to process and reflect your funds, depending on the brand you shopped at.

Where is the shop in the app?

The shop is not currently available in the app. You'll need to log in on our website to access this feature.

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