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What's included

Make the £5 pledge to positive impact with Fana each month and receive:

The Community Pool

"How can I fund a rescue operation for an injured seal, with a meal deal sized budget?"

With Fana, you don’t need to be a big spender to make a big difference. The Community Pool combines everyone's pledge with brand donation to fund big-difference donations that our community controls.

So you can take pride in your small, consistent pledge - that when combined with others - makes a major difference to the causes that you care the most about.

The Fana Card

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the best-looking-payment-card-that-represents-the-positive-impact-I'm-making of them all?"

The Fana card is a fully functional debit card that adds a little 'I'm saving the world' glow to your spending.

We're not a bank nor a credit service either, but we are an official Mastercard partner, so you can be sure your money's safe and in your control.

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Track Your Impact

"I wish my donations would call back, tell me how they're getting on."

You're not just a donor with Fana, you're an active participant in creating positive change! We work closely with our charities to breakdown each project you'll be helping support and keep you in the loop on their progress.

So even if all you did was buy lunch for an injured koala,
we want you to know that's what you did!

New charity projects to support each month
Detailed breakdown & content about each project
Growing selection of trusted, high-impact charities

Shop to Give

"Technically, it's not an impulse purchase - it's also an impulse donation, so there's no need to feel guilty about it, right?"

No money? No problem. Do your normal shopping through Fana and as a thank you we'll give you a portion of your spending back as money to donate.
All you need to do is start your shopping session.

Just start your shopping session through the Fana site and you'll receive a portion of spending back to give.

Fana shopping rewards notification for charity shop
Check out what we're adding next in our roadmap!