elephant Tracking Camera
Conservation efforts in Africa are facing big challenges, like habitat loss and poaching, especially for elephants. With one elephant being killed by poachers every 15 minutes, urgent action is needed to protect these majestic animals and their habitats. Organizations like Tusk are doing great work, but they need better tools and resources to make a real impact.
Elephant GPS Camera
This solution provides:
⏱️ Improves ranger response time
🐘 Helps study Elephant movement
🚷 Identifies trespassing poachers
🤝 Prevents conflict with farmers
Fana's Community Pool initiative is stepping up to help. By getting our users involved, we're funding important gear like GPS-enabled cameras. These cameras help track elephant movements in real-time, giving us valuable insights into their behavior and helping rangers respond quickly to threats. It's a win-win: we're not only meeting immediate needs but also ensuring long-term conservation efforts are in place to safeguard African wildlife for the future.
Additional Goals
If we get exceed our target, we'll continue our support by funding:
📹 Another GPS Camera: The only thing better than 1 Elephant-saving camera
🥾 New Boots for Rangers: Nothing get used more by rangers, so lets get them an upgrade
Our Charity Partner
Tusk Trust
African Conservation
Meet Tusk. They're on the frontlines, fighting to protect endangered species and their habitats from threats like poaching and habitat loss. With a special focus on elephants, Tusk's work is crucial for preserving these iconic animals and the ecosystems they call home. Tusk's projects are impactful and effective, and they're tackling some of the biggest challenges facing African wildlife today.
Tusk Trust
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February 2024